Literat [ˈli-tər-ät]:

"a person of words; writer; scholar; bookman"

We are lovers of words and readers of books so we design t-shirts using quotes from literature we love.

Books allow us to escape into a story, a world different from our own. Reading these stories helps us to better understand the human condition and other points of view.  Some authors have such a talent for summing up the complexities of life in just a few short words or a couple of sentences.  It's those quotes that resonate with the poetic among us.  Its those quotes that can sometimes help us put into words the things we have felt, but didn't know to describe.

For many of us, what we wear is a form of self expression.  

We wanted to provide you with a comfortable, yet fashionable way to express your love for an author, book, or quote by illustrating some of the best quotes from some of the greatest literary works in our history.  We hope you love what you see!  We are constantly reading and working on new quote designs from some of our favorite books.  

That being said, we are always open to taking suggestions for new quotes.  If there is a quote you would love to see on a shirt, please don't hesitate to contact us with the request.  If approved, we will do our best to work it into one of our upcoming design releases.   

We are a shop based outside of Philadelphia, PA.